Compost Central

Educating the need to 'compost on location'

Compost Central is a local education facility, specifically focussed upon the principles of composting and vermiculture composting on-location. The first of its kind in Australia, the learning environment will facilitate purposeful education around the complete cycle of food production, usage, wastage and re-usage. The facilities consist of food-bearing gardens and working composting and irrigation systems.

Informative talks, demonstrations and workshops will be held on a frequent basis, and through these events our instructors will provide valuable, easy and accessible knowledge and hands-on experience for students, in an enjoyable learning environment.

With the intention of establishing at least one facility in each state of Australia, and also internationally, Compost Central facilities provide a ‘show-and-tell’ learning environment for locals and tourists, within any community, to gain value in composting practices specific to their own geographic location.

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The proposal document gives a detailed overview of the proposed concept, including ethos, course of action and how to be involved

A designed visual presentation of the classrooms within the complete interactive learning environment

Details about the purpose of the interactive, outdoor kitchen classroom

Details regarding the modular compost system, developed by Andrew. You can also view the video HERE to see animated sketches and diagrams of the module.

Compost System

Andrew explores the details of his unique Twin Cone Compost unit with the Subterranean Drainage System feature, which is a core component in the Central Central facilities.

Performance Art

Andrew performs 'Seeing is Necking' in Auckland, NZ in 1984 as part of an ongoing series of 'digs' art performances, across Australia and abroad, in which buried in a 2.5m high pile of composted manure. Read more here.

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Parties wanting to express interest in Compost Central can contact Andrew via the contact page. Andrew is welcoming interested individuals and private and corporate entities in terms of collaboration, financial involvement, provision of resources, expertise or personnel.