F.E.E.D. Foundation

(Food Education & Ecological Design)

F.E.E.D. is a non-for-profit foundation which was established in 2010 by eco-designer and entrepreneur, Andrew Hayim De Vries, to draw attention to the effect that our current food cycle and organic waste systems have on the communities they serve.

Founder, Andrew Hayim De Vries is particularly compelled by the flaws in our waste management systems, and by the unsettlingly mass levels of rich, organic food waste being forfeited on a daily basis right across the planet. Organic waste which, through smart, controlled and purposeful design and engineering, has such potential to be used as organic food nutrient for purposes such as edible food gardens and food education facilities. In essence, the foundation highlights the direct correlation between the non-use of such food waste, and the ever-apparent shortage low quality of food in underprivileged communities throughout the world.

F.E.E.D. is an international platform facilitating a global conversation of effective waste management as part of a truly complete food production cycle, and works with philanthropists, private and corporate sectors to achieve results on these fronts.

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Parties wanting to express interest in F.E.E.D. Foundation can contact Andrew via the contact page. Philanthropic involvement or contributions through the F.E.E.D. Foundation can be discussed directly with Andrew.