'Hubble in a Bubble'

Story in the Continuum
Fremantle Art Centre, Western Australia, 2004 - 2005

All photography by Robert Frith - Acorn Photo Agency, WA.

This body of work was constructed in the last 12 weeks of Andrew living in the 100 Hubble property, and celebrated 20 years of his life in this environment.

The front wall of the 100 Hubble property gained heritage listing under local council and over time gained cultural and social significance as a public art project. The front wall consisted of thousands of objects donated by the public. Andrew selected 100 objects from the front wall of the house to be used in this exhibition. Many of the objects from the front wall had been there for 10 - 15 years.

During these 12 weeks, Andrew raided Op and second hand shops acquiring domestic glass vessels, and constructed assemblages, adding a variety of oils and fluids in which the objects were 'pickled'.

The 100 objects are exploring the spectrum of the grotesque to the notions of beauty.

Exhibition Essay by Julian Goddard : Exhibition reviews