Institute of Composting Studies Australia (ICSA)

Educating the need to 'compost on location'

I.C.S.A. forms an umbrella organisation for the other entities shown. The relationship between the entities allows information, personnel and resource to potentially flow both to and from each.

The Institute of Composting Studies Australia is a national and international platform facilitating education and enterprise surrounding the complete food cycle (food = waste = food) including the need to compost on location.

Using nature itself as a template, the organisation is focussed primarily around composting concepts and systems, vermiculture and permaculture, the cycle of global food production and consumption, food waste and the issues and opportunities which exist as a bi-product. At its very core, the organisation embraces an equation that ‘waste equals food’ (waste = food), which opens wide a door of learning opportunities within the food ecology cycle.



Download the ICSA Handbook document, which gives more detail regarding the ethos, structure, proposed course of action and how to be involved.

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Parties wanting to express interest in the Institute of Composting Studies Australia can contact Andrew via the contact page. Andrew is welcoming interested individuals and private and corporate entities in terms of collaboration, financial involvement, provision of resources, expertise or personnel. Philanthropic involvement or contributions through the F.E.E.D. Foundation can be discussed directly with Andrew.