The Un-Earthed Hero: 'The Composter'

With over 30 years experience in composting systems, Andrew began with an interest in re-developing two available off-the-shelf compost systems, which he tweaked and re-designed, managing to significantly increase the efficiency and productivity and produce rich and thriving compost. The key to becoming a happy and productive composter, he says, is "using a system that is simple, low-maintenance and extremely hassle-free".

Andrew's business, Compost Instead Andrew provides informative talks and demonstrations about the need for composting and how to go about it. Visit the website for details on the twin Cone, Aerobin Compost Systems and Subterranean Drainage Systems.

The website will be completely rebuilt in the coming five weeks, which will:

  • Include videos and drawings of Andrew's new modular Subterranean Draining Compost System, which can be interconnect based on space and area
  • Information on the Vertical Linear Compost Systems, designed for small spaces, cafes, group housing, schools and workplace
  • Practical education on composting, from beginning to advanced

Talks and Demonstrations

Andrew is available for 2 hour talks in inner city Melbourne for community groups, collective housing, small business (e.g.cafes) and industry.

Andrew Hayim de Vries, artist and designer, will be giving two talks and demonstrations in composting, aimed at beginners and practising composters.

80 percent of people who attempt to compost soon abandon their project, frustrated by a lack of information. This is a great opportunity for you and the environment to get it right.

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience problem solving two off-the-shelf compost systems: although well designed from recycled plastic materials, they lack efficiency and productivity in their basic form.  With a little knowledge and some basic modifications they can easily be adapted to produce rich and thriving compost anywhere throughout Australia’s harsh and varied conditions. They become easy, simple and hassle-free, and you become a happy, productive composter!