You found us! We're your new Worm Dealer. You're imagining a guy in a trench coat on a dark street corner, right? Haha not quite - we're super friendly and down to earth (literally) and have a blast sharing the wormy love around Byron!

1000 Worms & Castings (5L) = $40
3000 Worms & Castings (15L) = $100

We breed a tonne of healthy, premium-grade composting worms in a warehouse in Byron Bay. The worms are a variety of Reds, Blues, Tigers and African Night Crawlers, and are naturally organic and chemical-free.The worms are perfect for starting a compost system of any size, and come with nutrient-rich humus soil and worm castings (loaded with worm eggs), so you can put them straight into your system and see the action happen.Come on down and grab a bucket load!

Call or message Andrew: 0413 530 559
Byron Bay Industrial Estate