About Andrew

Andrew Hayim De Vries, is an ecologically-focussed Australian artist and designer, with a host of professional works spanning 35+ years. He is driven by a passion for recycling and up-cycling, composting and vermiculture, the future and health of the environment, and the need for re-educating people on the value of these interests.

As of early this year, Andrew has been based in Byron Bay, where his focus is on establishing an interactive compost education facility, titled Compost Central, which introduces the necessity of composting on-location, in one's own location.

See details of the ventures below. All expressions of interest can be fulfilled via the contact page.

Compost Central

Based in a warehouse space in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate, Compost Central is an education, design and development facility focussed on turning organic waste into food production.

Informative talks, demonstrations and workshops will be held on a frequent basis. Through these events our instructors will provide valuable, easy and accessible knowledge with hands-on experience in an enjoyable learning environment.

Garage Mahal Home

The video below is 3 mins 35 seconds (roughly 150 photos), showing glimpses of the full build and development project of one of my homes in Perth, WA - which I named 'Garage Mahal'. The home was built using lightweight steel with a Meccano-style design, with lightweight, sustainable and some recycled materials. The main feature is the massive green wall, the largest (known of) in Australia at the time of build.

Sustainable Lifestyle Design Features

  • Largest green wall (of it's time) in Australia, which naturally regulates heating and cooling
  • Passive solar system powering the home
  • Grey water system
  • Compost System with sub-surface drainage system
  • Pivoting 360 deg windows for directing internal air flow
  • Lightweight, heavily insulated Bondor panel roofing
  • 12 wide suspended roof
  • Featuring recycled and upcycled materials

Institute of Composting Studies Australia

The Institute of Composting Studies Australia is a national and international platform facilitating education and enterprise surrounding the complete food cycle (food = waste = food) including the need to compost on location.

Using nature as a template, the organisation focusses on intelligent design systems for composting, vermiculture and permaculture, the cycle of global food production and consumption, food waste and the issues and opportunities which exist.