'100 Hubble'

Home Where Project - House No. 1
East Fremantle, Western Australia, 1985 – 2004


Andrew's relationship with 100 Hubble, over a 20 year period, took on an all-consuming neurotic obsession in building and rebuilding an environment in which he lived in, to which degree took over his life (this obsession dealt with identity in a significant way). 

All photography by Daniel Bruyn, WA.

Australia's Strangest Home Improvements Show - 1997

Postcards WA - 1997

Burke's Backyard - 2003

Today Tonight - 2003

The Great Outdoors - 2003

In 1998 Andrew reconfigured the rear of his property, one that was already used for friends to stay, and constructed a self contained accommodation, which in turn created 2 self contained environments (1 being short term rental accommodation, for guests that visited from all over the world, and the other for himself, which included a studio and living space).

In 2005 Andrew sold 100 Hubble, in order to move on to the next chapter of his life- to pursue his art career. A young family purchased the property which they now live in (short term accommodation is no longer available since 2008).


Below: 100 Hubble in the very early years, in the 1970's, before Andrew purchased the property.
ndrew is keen to receive any photos of the old timber cottage, which was built in 1909, to create an archival history.

Below: 100 Hubble (including the accommodation) over the years. Click to enlarge.


100 Hubble

100 Hubble Street
East Fremantle, WA 6158